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There's nothing funnier then the look on your ex's face when they see you wearing something from the Skunt clothing line, except maybe the look on their face when they receive one of our backhanded and vengeful gifts. Each time a product is purchased from this shop someone's ex will catch herpes and die... Next time it could be your ex.
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Dependapotamus Tee ~ 625

Dependapotamus Tee

Women's T-Shirt
Relaxed fit standard weight t-shirt for women, 100% pre-shrunk cotton (50%cotton/50%polyester for deep heather color), Brand: Gildan


If you're a dependapotamus, or know one this shirt is perfect for that military wife. It's also the female douchebag shirt for military wives. If you'd like to create your own go to and click on the "Customize Your Tee" tab. If you buy your shirt from Relation Termination, someone's ex will get punched in the junk, next time it could be your ex.

  • pink
  • brown
  • purple
  • deep heather
  • red
  • white
  • black
  • navy
  • sky blue
$ 14.50

plus shipping and handling